At CG&A we know how important the property of our clients is.

Therefore, we have developed an extensive expertise in the fiduciary field, and that this be a transparent and secure mechanism of transmission of ownership of certain property or rights to a legitimate destination, in response to the instruction of the settlor and trustee intervention, it is that the realization of certain purposes is entrusted.

The trust market in Mexico is growing constantly coming to represent several billion of pesos, therefore its expertise and importance should be increased.

It is for the above that our lawyers have proven preparation for the intervention in any matter related to this area, from advising the customer and collaboration with the trustee, to the development of the contract and support during the entire transaction, not to mention the legal opinions for the issuance of securities. Especially trusts for real estate developments, administration and source of payment, guarantee, assets, issuers and pensions and payment premiums.

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