The personalized communication for each of our clients turns us into a boutique and exclusive Firm, ensuring timely follow-up of each case.

CG&A, Legal y Asuntos Públicos

In Castillo, Government & Attorneys – CG&A, Legal y Asuntos Públicos by its acronym and for being a registered trademark – we were founded in 2015 with the primary objective of providing integral services (Health Law, Corporate, Intellectual Property, Trust, Labor Law, Anticorruption, Foreign Trade, Administrative Litigation and Public Policy), in order to help our clients to achieve their business objectives under the high standards of ethics and transparency.

In order to strengthen our opinions, we periodically set up internal discussion and study tables, in which we address the most relevant issues for the legal, political and regulatory matters of the country, which allows us to be always updated, and thus provide our clients with a professional service analyzed, discussed and agreed upon.

The personalized communication for each of our clients turns us into a boutique and exclusive Firm, ensuring timely follow-up of each case.

Of course, each member of this Firm has been recruited and selected, in addition to his professionalism, for his ethical profile, with the aim of guaranteeing our clients the unrestricted compliance with the highest international standards and local laws in compliance issue, in order to duly protect the representation and management.

In the health care sector we have more than 15 years of experience, time that we have allowed to know the current needs of the industry and the work plans of the clear and focused elements – after mapping the external situation and the main key players of the national policy-, to define and establish strategies to improve access to health care products, and develop legislative and regulatory plans, in order to allow the best therapeutic alternatives for patients.

Code of ethics

We put all our scientific knowledge and technical resources in carrying out our work and profession.

We do our best so that our action is always guided with justice, integrity, honesty, diligence, loyalty, respect, reliability, discretion, repute, responsibility, sincerity, probity, dignity, good faith, and in strict adherence to legal and ethical standards.

As a steadfast rule we only accept and take responsibility for matters when we are able to serve them and we indicate the scope and limitations of our work, performing all activities with responsibility, effectiveness and quality. We will maintain strict confidentiality of customer information entrusted to the exercise of our profession. We also at all times ennoble the human rights of our clients, colleagues and society in general.

We seek the recognition for our co-workers, colleagues, advisers and subordinates for their intervention in these matters, research and tasks elaborated jointly. We firmly believe in distributing in a fair and equitable manner the fruits of the work done in collaboration with our co-workers, colleagues, advisers and subordinates, supporting as far as possible their professional and personal development.

We understand the importance of honesty, loyalty and that conducting with truth before our clients at all times, is the best way to safeguard the interests of the same ones.
We deeply respect the principle of the will of the parties, and our compensation is due to proportionality, importance, time and degree of the specialization required for the results of the particular case needed. However, to be consistent with our social commitment and love for the profession, we recognize the duty to reconsider our remuneration according to the economic limitations of our client. This in response to the duty to provide a professional social service out of solidary conviction and social conscience, as well as serving the homeless or any economically unprotected person, if this is the case.
In the same way we understand the importance of being updated on the doctrinal, scientific and technological advances inherent in our profession, therefore we endeavor to have feedback among our employees.
We work every day to strengthen one of its most important pillars, the duty to exalt the prestige of our profession in every place and time.

We believe in the value of active participation in our social environment spreading the art, culture, fundamental values and diversity & inclusion of all society members.
We seek indefinitely a balance between the different aspects of human development and conservation of natural resources and the environment, taking into account the rights of future generations.


“Providing our customers clear alternatives and solutions, which under the highest standards of ethics, professionalism and respect, bring with them the value of our knowledge for decision-making.”


“Consolidate ourselves as your office of trust and your strategic partner to the most important decisions in your life.”
Our Commitment is with society


We respond with ethics

We conduct ourselves with Honesty

We decide with Professionalism

We operate with Transparency

We represent Leadership

We act with Humanity



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