Public Policy

Our Public Policy team focuses on the analysis of public policies within the institutional context in Mexico and Latin American countries, through the conformation of theoretical, practical, and conceptual aspects that have been developed throughout their experience.

The generation of public policies is an essential element for the Mexican government to be able to regulate, as well as an essential element for society to express their needs for achieving an equitable and legal framework according to realityonceptual aspects, that throughout their experience have been developed.

Furthermore, to achieve the objectives of our clients, we collaborate with the government at different levels, the administration, public interest institutions, international organizations, and social organizations.

We provide opinions on legislative initiatives, develop commitments, and define strategies of linkage and positioning focused on the interests of our clients. Within the health sector, we have more than 15 years of experience, which has allowed us to know the current needs of the industry and propose clear and focused work schemes – prior mapping of the external situation and the main key actors of the national policy of the country-, to define and establish strategies that aim to increase and improve access to health care products, and develop the best therapeutic alternatives for patients with legislative, regulatory, and normative fields.

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