Lucy Dantan

Sr. Public Affairs and Outreach Consultant

Lawyer by profession, she has a Diploma in Human Rights; Constitutional; Law, Technique and Parliamentary Practice. As well as several courses on Gender, Public Policy Processes, Governance, Transparency, Human Rights and Electoral Law.

Since June 2020 she has been working as Senior Consultant in Public Affairs and Liaison at CG&A Legal and Public Affairs.

In 2018 and 2019 she held the position of Legal Advisor and Manager within Political Parties and was Executive Coordinator of states in opposition.

During the LXII and LXIII Legislature of the Congress of the Union, in the Senate of the Republic, she worked as Advisor, Coordinator of Advisors and Advisors and was also Technical Secretary of the Commission for Gender Equality.

In 2012 she held the position of Advisor to the Human Rights Commission of the Chamber of Deputies during the LXI Legislature. This has allowed her to participate in legislative processes of various law proposals or transcendental reforms for the legal framework of our country. Likewise, in the review of public policy used in the Public Administration at the federal and local levels in general in order to seek to strengthen it. He has also worked with Civil Society Organizations and Foundations.

He specializes in socio-political analysis (political groups, most influential political actors, electoral strategies, work of leaders and sectors, etc.).

She has experience in the development of legislative proposals in the areas of health, vulnerable groups, human rights, social development, education, gender, children and adolescents, inclusion, environment, fishing, social security, labor, justice, anti-corruption, among others.

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