We are aware that Industrial Property has gained special importance in the markets, therefore, it requires a high level of specialization.

The recognition of Mexico in the international markets as a key player in the global context makes it necessary to offer professionals capable of facing the challenges posed by national and foreign investors.

We have experience in the management and protection of Intellectual Property rights, offering, among others, the following services:

Registration; renewal; defense; preparation and negotiation of contracts, as well as maintenance of Patent rights; Utility Models and Industrial Designs, in their patterns of design and drafting modalities, as well as layout designs of integrated circuits.

Registration; renewal; defense; preparation and negotiation of contracts, licenses of use, franchise contracts; as well as maintenance of trademark rights (nominative, unnamed, mixed, and three-dimensional); collective marks, trade names, and advertisements, as well as designations of origin.

We also provide advice on the legal protection of data and trade secrets. Finally, as part of the protection of intangible assets, we advise on the registration, defense, and maintenance of copyrights, reservation of rights, works of applied art, ISBN, and ISSN, as well as on the negotiation and contracting with collective management societies.

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