Our practice includes the incorporation and demerger of companies, as well as legal advice for the structure of operations according to the business purposes of our clients, striving to understand their complexity and to provide practical and effective solutions that reflect an added value in the business model.

When the sophistication of the operation warrants it, our contract specialists work in coordination with colleagues in other specialty areas, depending on the scope and implications of the transaction.

Our services in this area may include drafting and negotiating civil and commercial contracts or reviewing and modifying documents as needed.

We have also successfully advised companies on contracts for the acquisition or sale of businesses (stock purchase agreements or asset purchase agreements, mergers, or transformations in various industrial and commercial sectors).

To achieve the objectives of our customers, we participate in various levels of government, administrative apparatus, public interest institutions, international bodies, and social organizations.

We generate opinions on law initiatives, develop Points of Agreement, and define linking and positioning strategies focused on the interests of our clients. Within the health sector, we have more than 15 years of experience, time that has allowed us to know the current needs of the industry and propose clear and focused work schemes – prior mapping of the external situation and the main key actors of the national policy of the country-, to define and establish strategies that aim to increase and improve access to health care products and develop the best therapeutic alternatives for patients with legislative, regulatory and regulatory items.

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