We have extensive experience in public procurement advice in all the various modalities established by the Mexican Procurement Law.

Our detailed analysis of the results expected by our clients allows us to provide professional and constant support in the different phases of the bidding process and thus ensure the formality of the process by targeting the successful signatures of the contracts.

We support public health policies by creating, maintaining and increasing relations with key actors in health institutions, public and private, as well as representatives of the Union Congress, Secretary of Health, Health Sector Institutions, medical/health care associations and patient associations; compliance codes subject to applicable laws and regulations.

We develop awareness strategies aimed at greater understanding and commitment to key decision-making actors to meet outstanding medical needs and create therapeutic guidelines for the designated therapeutic area (TA). Under this virtue, health policies and defense and promotion strategies are designed and implemented that were incorporated into the integral plans of the brands, achieving inclusions in the Health Council and Health Sector Institutions.

We train company employees, for the proper fulfillment of proposals in government tenders, review and analysis of possible contingencies regarding nonconformities in government companies etc.

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