Bárbara del Castillo

Senior Consultant Associate in Communication

She excels in the field of communication and public relations as a Senior Associate Consultant, whose expertise encompasses the creation, implementation, and evaluation of communication strategies focused both on the corporate sphere and the public sector. Her ability to inform and engage diverse audiences, from clients and employees to the general public, about the policies and projects of various entities is remarkable.

Her career has been characterized by the design and execution of political and social communication campaigns that seek not only to improve the image and branding of organizations but also to raise awareness about the long-term impacts of these initiatives on society. This demonstrates her commitment to communication strategies that go beyond the short term, aiming for substantial changes in public perception and social interaction.

With a solid background in Law, complemented by specializations in Government Communication, Media Debates, and Public Power, as well as diplomas in Legislative Techniques, Legal Argumentation, and Political Communication, she has managed to integrate a multidisciplinary approach into her work. This has allowed her to hold key positions in different spheres, from the legislative sector, where she served as a communication advisor, to leadership roles in areas of dissemination and campaigns in both federal and local government, and in the private sector, where she has been responsible for creating content for various companies.

Her experience also includes collaboration with media outlets, highlighting her participation in TV Azteca in areas of opinion, special projects, and documentaries. This trajectory evidences her ability to handle a wide range of communication platforms and formats.

Since joining CG&A, Legal and Public Affairs in 2020, she has continued to exert her influence in the field of communication and public relations, making significant differences in how organizations communicate and relate to their audiences. Her unique combination of legal, communicative, and political analysis skills positions her as a front-line professional in her specialty.

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