Angélica González de Cossío Romero

Senior Lawyer

Law Degree and Master in Constitutional Procedural Law from the Universidad Panamericana with more than 25 years of professional experience. As a specialist in administrative and constitutional litigation, I have held senior management positions in contentious areas of the Federal Public Administration, in which I was in charge of the processing and substantiation of administrative proceedings of various kinds, and their subsequent challenges in administrative and judicial proceedings.

I have held the position of Deputy General Director of Constitutional Controversies and Unconstitutionality Actions in the Legal Counsel of the Federal Executive and legal advisor in the Chamber of Deputies of the Congress of the Union, position in which I was in charge of the analysis of law initiatives and exhortations addressed to authorities of the three levels of government of the country, in multiple matters regulated by the Mexican legal system, confronting them with the Federal Constitution and international treaties, following the criteria of the Supreme Court of Justice.

Currently, I am a Senior Lawyer at CG&A Legal y Asuntos Públicos, in the area of administrative law and administrative and constitutional litigation. In the performance of my duties, I have participated in bidding processes and public procurement within the health sector.

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