Our practice includes legal advice for structuring operations in accordance with the purposes of the business of our customers, striving to understand its complexity and turn it into writing.

When the sophistication of the operation warrants it, our contract specialists work closely with colleagues in other specialty areas, depending on the scope and implications of the transaction.

Within the services we provide, in this area, we can prepare and negotiate civil and commercial contracts, or review and modify the documents according to each need.

We have also successfully advised companies on contracts for the purchase or sale of business (contracts for the sale of shares or contracts of sale of assets, mergers or conversions in various branches of industry and commerce).

The contractual practice of CG&A

in acquisitions includes advice during all the stages of negotiation, from intention letters or memoranda
of understanding and preliminary agreements to definitive agreements and post-closure issues.

In parallel, we offer advice on related issues, including:

Analysis and support to obtain authorizations, permits and licenses as a result of the conclusion of contracts, including those for the import and export of products and equipment.

Analysis and support of operations of companies of the same group , and preparation of the respective contracts, highlighting loan contracts, maquila/maquiladora contracts (tolling agreements), and depending on the structure, liability conventions .